Monthly Archives: August 2012

Issue 1 Update

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit to us in the past month. We’ve (nearly) emptied the slush pile for the moment, and out of seventy-five or so submissions so far, we’ve accepted work from five great writers (one story and six poems, to be exact). Not exactly enough to fill us up, but certainly a great start. The point is, if you haven’t submitted anything yet, do it. We’re aching to read it. Also, we’re still looking for cover art, so if you’ve got anything that would look good, send it.

A few notes:

– It was addressed elsewhere on the site, but you may submit both a story AND five poems. Because apparently, mastery of one form wasn’t enough for you.

– Did you hear about us on Duotrope? Great! Do you report your submissions along with acceptances and rejections? Even better. It helps us know how we’re doing, and the statistics that site keeps are just awesome. It’s really a great tool for both writers and authors, and if you’re not one of the people who uses it, start.

– Finally, please, please read the guidelines before you submit. Don’t attach your poems and stories, cut and paste them into an email. Include a bio, even if it’s just your name, where you’re from, and where you’ve been published before (and if you haven’t been published before, there’s no shame in letting Bop Dead City take your publishing virginity/rob you of your innocence).

Issue 1

Issue 1 is scheduled to make its way into the world at some point in October. Right now, however, we’re accepting short story, poetry, and art submissions for it. If you’re interested, look the guidelines over carefully and feel free to send something out.