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Bop Dead City is now on Facebook!

I made a Facebook page, because why not? Feel free to like it at

Cover Art

So, while we’ve recieved a great deal of poems and fiction, and could probably go to print right now and still have a fine first issue (not that there’s no room for more), we don’t have a cover yet. Really regretting turning down the few people who decided to submit some art back in August. I’m even debating crawling back to them on our hands and knees and begging them to let me have it back.

Please don’t make me do this. Unfortunately, if we don’t get any cover art, I’ll have to. Or even worse, I’ll have to make it myself. And to paraphrase my mother after she picked me up at the police station when I got arrested for tagging, I don’t even have any artistic ability.

You’ve got two weeks, people. Hurry up.