Monthly Archives: October 2012

Cover Art and Thanks

Well here it is. The great cover art is “Curve in the Grid” by Jack Galmitz. The horrible layout job is by me. I swear, I did a better job on the inside. The authors, obviously, are those who are listed on the cover, but the table of contents goes something like this: Continue reading

Issue 1 is up for sale and other notes

As the title says, you can now buy copies of our first issue on the website by going to the Buy page and using Paypal. It’s 3 bucks for the mag and a dollar for shipping. Contributors, your issues will be mailed out later this week. I believe we will be reopening to submissions at the end of the month. I’ll be posting the cover art later this week, along with the list of authors.

Closed! (To Submissions, Not Permanently)

A day late in posting this, but Bop Dead City has indeed closed for submission to its first issue. Thanks to everyone who submit something in the past few months. I’ve enjoyed reading all most of it. I’ll post more about what the issue’s going to look like and who’ll be in it in the coming days, and then I need to get this thing to print.

And just to beat out any forthcoming questions:

We are closed to submissions at this time.

I don’t know when this time will cease to be this time. Probably at the end of the month, at least.

Being closed for submissions means don’t send anything in until it says to do so.