Cover Art and Thanks

Well here it is. The great cover art is “Curve in the Grid” by Jack Galmitz. The horrible layout job is by me. I swear, I did a better job on the inside. The authors, obviously, are those who are listed on the cover, but the table of contents goes something like this:


Eating — Jessica Tyner

All The Day Ran In Me — Robert Heath

The Spanish Barber and Mensa — David Spicer

The Beatitudes of Lana del Rey — Sharon Clark

Eve as a Girl — Gina Vaynshteyn

English Major Boy — Amber Koneval

Lilith — Denise R. Weuve

Twenty Year Reunion — John Grey

Welcome to Loner Town — David Spicer


Amanda — Raymond Cothern

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit their work. Ballparking it, about 170 people submitted their work in the eight weeks or so that we were accepting submissions, which seems mighty fine for a first time out. An even bigger thanks to those that let me publish their work. Thanks to my newly minted wife for her support (and for actually stapling the damn things together since I failed at it repeatedly). We will indeed be reopening for submissions on November 1st, so get your submissions ready again.

But if I catch anyone resubmitting something they’ve already submitted, you’re banned. You, your children, and your children’s children.

For three months.

Buy lots of copies, by the way. The holiday shopping season is about to be pressed upon us uncomfortably early, and all girls and boys want to see a copy (or eight) of Bop Dead City sticking out of their stocking come Christmas morning. Alternately, you can wrap copies in foil and you can hand them out for Hanukkah in lieu of gelt.

As Wyclef says, I’ll be gone ’til November.

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