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Interview with Holly Day

I lied, Marvin wasn’t the last interview. This, however, does conclude the interview series for Issue 2. 100% turnout, and I thank the contributors for answering these questions. Anyway, here’s Holly.

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Interview with Marvin Shackelford

This might be our last interview for Issue 2, but at least it’s a good one. Marvin contributed two poems to the last issue, one of which is my wife’s favorite poem Bop Dead City’s published so far.

Interview with John Dervishian

This interview is with John Dervishian, who contributed the poem  “a time that i wish i was not part of but look forward to its return now that i have daughters” to our last issue. Continue reading

Interview with B.Z. Niditch

Our first interview with the authors from Issue 2 is with B.Z. Niditch, who contributed the poem “Kindred Spirits.” Continue reading

1st Annual Flash Fiction and Poetry Contest!

I mentioned in the last update that I wanted to have a contest, and now I found a decent reason to do so. Duotrope (if you’re not familiar, you need to be) recently ranked Bop Dead City fourth on their super-scientific list of “25 Fastest Poetry Markets” (and I think we’re going to be pretty high on the fiction list too). They keep a bunch of other stats too. 

So anyway, to celebrate this rather neat fact, I decided we’re having a flash fiction and poetry contest! 

Prizes: $20 to the winner of the flash fiction category, and $20 to the winner of the poetry category.

Rules: For fiction, we’ll use Duotrope’s definition of flash fiction as “less than 1,000 words.” For poetry, we’ll use my made-up rule of 50 words or less. Plus, do everything that the usual submission guidelines say. Everything submitted until April 1 that follows these guidelines will be considered for the contest. And of course, even if your work isn’t within these parameters, we’ll still consider it for publication as usual.

Thanks for all the great submissions so far, an even bigger thanks to everyone who has bought a copy of Bop Dead City’s Issue 2, and good luck to everyone who enters.