Interview with John Dervishian

This interview is with John Dervishian, who contributed the poem  “a time that i wish i was not part of but look forward to its return now that i have daughters” to our last issue.
Describe your poetry in 25 words or less.
My poetry is simple, honest, truthful, humorous, thought provoking and sometimes crass.
Who influenced you the most?

There has been nobody that has influenced me as a writer. I did not ready or study poetry growing up, in 
my college or in my adult years. I just was writing to get through some shit times. I did not start reading poetry 
until I began to share what I had written, which was 3.5 years ago now. It was at that time that I was introduced 
to Charles Bukowski and his writings. I am familiar with other writers of course such as: Plath, Ginsberg, Ted Berrigan, 
Neruda and others. However, it is Bukowski that i keep going back to these days. I enjoy his simple, in your face style. 
Tell us about your poem “a time that i wish i was not part of but look forward to its return now that i have daughters.”
My poem was written after being out time and again and seeing how the young ladies are dressing today and acting. This
brought back memories of how they were dressed when I was younger, in college. I am jealous that I am not part
of this time (haha), but having two daughters of my own now it scares me. So yes I want those days to return
when the ladies were less provocative. 
What do you usually write about?
 I write about anything that comes to mind really. It could stem from an experience of sitting at a coffee shop,
going food shopping, out on a ride, interactions with people, thoughts i have, anything really that gets my mind
Do you keep a blog?
I do have a blog, I guess. its more of a website for my poetry, to introduce people to my poetry
and promote myself because I’m a needy bastard. You can check it out at:
Do you have any advice for other writers?
Any advice for writers or non-writers? Well, just write and don’t worry about how it’s written. Don’t worry
about format, style and that bullshit because there should be no rules when it comes to writing or any art form.
That’s what defines “creativity”. 
What are you working on right now?
 Right now my artist buddy, Peter Desimone of, are working on a project called “POARTRY”.
Just as it sounds, it is a combination of art and poetry. He paints my poetry. We have 3 pieces out right now for a series we
call “whiskey and women”: drunks are always right, good times at 2:00 AM and the real nowhere man. You can see this work on the blog site mentioned above and at

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