Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Seinfeld Post; Or, An Update About Nothing

With slightly less than three weeks until our Issue 3 deadline hits, I thought I’d give everyone an update as to where we’re at.

  • The contest is going great. We’ve received quite a bit of flash submissions so far, especially for fiction. A few authors are on each shortlist, but there’s room for more, so if you’re hesitating to submit, go ahead and do so. Again, there’s twenty whole dollars on the line here, people.
  • We’re still accepting non-flash work as well, in case you were wondering.
  • Cover art is still up for grabs, if you or anyone you know is interested. Also, if anyone has a good way for us to spread the word about cover art submissions, drop us a line.
  • Finally, thanks to everyone who’s submitted to Bop Dead City for allowing us to review your work.

See you all in three weeks!