Monthly Archives: January 2014

Issue 6 Update

So, obviously the submission period is closed, but since I’m updating so late, it’s just one week until the new one opens. I suck. Thanks for all your submissions, and start getting your new ones ready. I’m ready to get back to the fun part of publishing this thing: reading your stories and poetry.

However, know what doesn’t suck? Our new issue. We’ve got poetry by Rachel Nix, Dan Sicoli, Ariana Den Bleyker, Jennifer Jackson Berry, Isaac Black, M.E. Riley, and Jennifer Martelli, with fiction by M. Robert Fisher.

The winners of our Issue 6 contests are…

Rachel Nix for her poem “Kathryn” and M. Robert Fisher for his story “Small Town Girl.” $20 to each of them, and all the perks and fame that go along with winning such a prestigious contest.

Here’s the cover, featuring the photo “Testing Shot 2 With a Brownie Camera” by Ginger Sisco Cook. And to buy this issue, click here: Or if long, stupid looking links make you sad to click, just go to the Buy page by clicking on the tab above.