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Issue 7 is now available to purchase!

You can buy a copy by clicking on the Buy tab above and following the easy, easy instructions, or just click here. Contributors, be on the lookout for your free copy, and feel free to buy one for everyone you know.


Also, since I’m such a slackass, the next submission period starts tomorrow. Jesus. Anyway, while that’s going on we’ll also have interviews from the writers for Issue 7. Thanks for your patience, and good luck!

Such a tease…

Here’s the cover for Issue 7, featuring the photograph “10” by Karolina Bialasz.

Bop Dead City Issue 7 Cover

A bit about Karolina’s art, in her words:

 My photos are just impressions, strings of associations (or whatever); I spontaneously use apparently not connected objects to build my vision (in the case of “10” – anxiety). There’s a lot of interpretations of the pictures and I accept everything.”

Keep an eye out in the next few days for the first chance to buy a copy.

Issue 7 Update and Contest Winners

Did I say later that week? I meant in three weeks. Whoops.

Anyway, the winners of our flash fiction and poetry contest are Sarah Ann Winn for her poem “Sargasso Sea” and Ruben Rodriguez for his story “Inheritance.” Thanks again to everyone who submit their stories and poems; we’ll be giving you another shot in five days when the submission period for Issue 8 opens up!

And while they didn’t win the contest, we’re excited and, frankly, undeserving to have Rhiannon Thorne, Nancy Hightower, and  Marie Nunalee’s poetry, along with a short story from Tom Weller.

The new issue will be out at the end of the month, so check back here to buy one then.

(thanks for your patience)

Issue 7 is closed to submissions….

Thanks to everyone for their stories and poems. It’s been a blast reading them all, especially these past few days when business really picked up. We’ll be in touch later this week with the winners of the contest and the rest of our wonderful authors for this issue.