Monthly Archives: August 2014

Issue 9’s Contest Theme: Escape

I drink whiskey to escape. Irish whiskey (Jameson in particular) by preference, which makes me less of a man than a bourbon drinker, but less of a depraved sociopath than a scotch drinker. Nothing serious, and not all the time, but just to temporarily escape daily stresses most of us have: shitty job, the future, etc. 

This magazine itself began as a form of escape three years ago (happy birthday to she). I figured that if I’m not writing, I needed to be doing something relevant to publishing. Why not help other people along the path to publication? I get to read other people’s work, an intimate form of snoopery that I find delightful, and get to share the best of what I find.

And here we are, nine issues and dozens of poems and stories later. It’s proven to be an escape that’s brought me a lot of joy, pride, and entertainment. Certainly, it’s been easier on my liver. So, I think this contest theme will be escape. Any way you want to look at it, literally, loosely, whatever. 

The rules: Everything listed on the submissions page, plus an adherence to the theme of escape. The deadline, just like the regular submission deadline, is October 1. 

The prizes: $20 to the winner for best story, $20 to the best poem., and a copy of the issues to each as well.

Finally, since I’m such a slackass, if you’ve submitted already this period, you can submit something else if  it applies to the theme. 

Good luck everyone, and please keep the submissions a’rollin.