Issue 9’s Contest Theme: Escape

I drink whiskey to escape. Irish whiskey (Jameson in particular) by preference, which makes me less of a man than a bourbon drinker, but less of a depraved sociopath than a scotch drinker. Nothing serious, and not all the time, but just to temporarily escape daily stresses most of us have: shitty job, the future, etc. 

This magazine itself began as a form of escape three years ago (happy birthday to she). I figured that if I’m not writing, I needed to be doing something relevant to publishing. Why not help other people along the path to publication? I get to read other people’s work, an intimate form of snoopery that I find delightful, and get to share the best of what I find.

And here we are, nine issues and dozens of poems and stories later. It’s proven to be an escape that’s brought me a lot of joy, pride, and entertainment. Certainly, it’s been easier on my liver. So, I think this contest theme will be escape. Any way you want to look at it, literally, loosely, whatever. 

The rules: Everything listed on the submissions page, plus an adherence to the theme of escape. The deadline, just like the regular submission deadline, is October 1. 

The prizes: $20 to the winner for best story, $20 to the best poem., and a copy of the issues to each as well.

Finally, since I’m such a slackass, if you’ve submitted already this period, you can submit something else if  it applies to the theme. 

Good luck everyone, and please keep the submissions a’rollin.


About bopdeadcity

Bop Dead City is an independent, quarterly literary magazine. We are seeking new writers who have a great story to tell. Sound craftsmanship couldn't hurt either. All of our issues are available for purchase here on the site through Paypal. If you’d like to know more about what type of work we publish, reading a back issue would be the best way to do it. View all posts by bopdeadcity

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