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Issue 9 Update, Contest Winners, and Other Such Things

First, winners!

Issue 9’s Escape Contest winner for fiction is Zach VandeZande’s “Flood Myth,” and the poetry winner is Shanti Weiland’s “Dormant Trigger.” Congratulations to them, and thanks to everyone for submitting.

Elsewhere in Issue 9, our other piece of fiction comes from Cory Weimken, titled “Tricks on Eleven.

We’ve got a returning author in Rachel Nix, who’s given us her poem “Barefoot.” The companion poem “And Pregnant” was cut for space, unfortunately.

Bobby Steve Baker contributes some of his “Old Love Letters,” while Benjamin DeVos has shared his 50-ish years late spec script for for “The Honeymooners” titled, simply, “Honeymooners” (this is mostly a lie, probably. Poetry’s open to interpretation though, right?).

Rounding out the issue is Jeanann Verlee’s “The Summer of Supplemental Income” and “Impermanence.” I have no terrible joke for these titles. Not because they’re not worth it, just because I’m lazy.

What else, what else? Well, for one, we finally bought the domain, so you can save a few seconds of your life every time you visit now. I’ve also found a way to upgrade the actual magazine’s quality, so we’ll see how that’ll go. I’ll have pictures and such once it’s in my hands. Might need to up the price to a whopping four dollars, but we shall see.

Finally, in addition to our usual contests, we may have a big one coming up. As in I’m considering having it span over two submission periods kind of big. Again, we shall see.

Submissions open in a little more than a week, which is about when issues will be available. See you then, kids.

Almost there…

To those who don’t procrastinate, thanks for your submissions.

To you dirtbags who are procrastinators, you’ve got roughly 26 hours to get your poesy or prosey in.

Hey, speaking of dirtbag procrastinators, I didn’t get any author interviews done this issue. Very sorry to you guys if you wanted to voice your feelings and opinions, my apologies. By all means, get with me if you’d still like to, I’d honestly love to hear it. However, for Issue 9, we’re bringing it back, so you lucky authors better get ready to be harassed.

Finally, in lieu of doing what I was supposed to, I did some long term stuff for the magazine, and we’ll be revealing those details once the submission period has closed. Interesting, big stuff, promise.

tl;dr (but if that was too long for you, please leave my site): you got 24 hours to submit, and we’ve got big news coming out soon.