Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sarah-Jean Krahn from Issue 8 can draw too!

Not only did she win Issue 8’s First Time poetry contest, but apparently she can also art with the best of them.

Care to see? You can download the magazine, Salon Style, at for free until November 21. After that, it’s only three bucks, and I think we both know that’s the greatest, most reasonable price there is.

Issue 10 is open to submissions + contest + news

Ah, our tenth issue. The glamorous allure of the round number. Like the title says, send in your submissions now until the new year. Issue 9 set a pretty high bar to top, so you’re all on the spot here. To the bullets:

  • The theme for Issue 10’s contest is identity. Do with that what you will; we’re pretty flexible about it. The submission guidelines are the same as the ones for anything else, and those are listed here.
  • Issue 9 is ready for purchase (technically it soon will be, since the issues are being shipped to us as we speak). To buy, click on the cover at our Buy page. It’s a very, very fancy new format. Your patience will be rewarded.
  • Speaking of Issue 9, we had a late add to the issue. Maya Gutierrez gave us the story “I am Not Jesus Christ and This is Not Ice Water.” Adjust the number of issues you’re purchasing upward accordingly.

Thanks to everyone for their submissions so far, keep them coming, and there will most likely be more exciting news tomorrow.