Monthly Archives: April 2015

Issue 11 Announcements

Well, if it wasn’t obvious, Issue 11 is closed to submissions. I’m currently getting it together as we speak, but I wanted to announce our contributors and the winners of the contest.

For poetry, we have:

Jordan Jamison – “Fake Sonnet (Lua)”

Sally Houtman – “to be no one” and “The Little House of Almost There”

Stacy Skolnik – “Dirt Road”

David Spicer (who was a contributor from all the way back in Issue 1!) –  “Identity Theft”

Audrey El-Osta – “Primavera” and “Rolling Papers”

Robin Reiss – “Cutting Board”

Hannah Frishberg – “The Brooklyn Hallelujah” and “Stoop Dreams”

And for fiction:

Fikret Pajalic – “Running with Red”

Alison McBain – “Definitions”

Thanks for all the submissions and a bigger thanks to the above people for letting little, lowly Bop Dead City publish their work.

So, from the above (and most of these don’t meet the contest guidelines of flash fiction and poetry, they’re just awesome), the winners are “Primavera” by Audrey El-Osta and “Definitions” by Alison McBain.

It’s going to be a great issue, folks. Later this week I’ll have the cover art available for your judgy, judgy eyes.