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First, my sincere apologies. I just bought a house, and it’s been…uh… some hectic. BUT, the issues are ready to ship, and we are obviously ready to receive your submissions! We’ve already received dozens of poems and stories, but please keep it coming.

So, after I’ve unintentionally made you wait and wait and wait, what better time to buy an issue than now? Just click here and get you one, or click on the buy tab and order all of them.

Oh, and you want to see our cover art?


It’s called “On the edge of passing II” by Angelika Ejtel. The self-portrait is inspired by the poem “Na krawędzi mijania” (which translates to “on the edge of passing,” natch) by Halina Poświatowska. A bit of the poem goes:

na krawędzi mijania
nie ma pocałunków
nie ma zapachów
ani kolorów

na krawędzi mijania
wąskie światło ciemnieje
i brzeg tak wyraźnie
urywa się – ból

on the edge of passing
there are no kisses
there are no smells
or colors

on the edge of passing
the narrow light darkens
and so clearly
the land ends – the pain


Very lovely. Halina’s not in the issue, but lots of other great writers are, so buy a copy and read them yourself.

Polish text Copyright 1989 Wydawnictwo Literackie, Kraków, Poland

Halina Poświatowska, Polish, d. 11 oct 1967.
translation by Marek Lugowski