Monthly Archives: August 2015

We’re now available at Seasick Records!


The very first store where you can buy yourself a copy of Bop Dead City is Seasick Records in Birmingham, Alabama. They’re a pretty awesome record store/cassette store/barber shop (and now can add bookstore, I guess, to those slashes).¬†Fantastic selection of records with a cool motherfucker running the whole thing. You can buy them starting tomorrow for just $3 and save yourself the whole dollar in shipping.

The address, if you’re passing through, is 5508 Crestwood Blvd. Birmingham, AL 35212, or about five minutes from my house. If anyone else has a place they think might want to carry Bop Dead City (Birmingham, Alabama, Michigan, UK where ever), drop me a line.

Issue 13 is open to submissions + other business…

First, let’s get out of the way that you can go ahead and start sending in your stories and poems for the next two months right now.

Next is the matter of our contest theme. Contest pays $20 to each winner, if you need more details, click on the contests tab.

After much deliberation (five minutes or so?), Issue 13’s contest theme is: food. Get creative with this all you want. I came upon the idea when I realized the first poem I ever accepted for Bop Dead City was Jessica Tyner’s “Eating,” which talks about the idea that you can tell how a man is in bed by the way he eats. Sounded about right then, sounds right now. That’s food for thought if you’re hungry for knowledge, and if you are, Bop Dead City’ll give you all you can eat.

But anyway. Good luck to everyone. I’m excited to read all the new and wonderful work that comes my way.