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Buy Issue 14 or buy a subscription!

Finally, here it is. First, Issue 14:


The photograph is titled “cacoethes” and was created by Anna Martin. A bit about her: Anna Martin is a digital artist, writer and photographer based out of Saint Augustine, Florida. She is an avid explorer and much of her artwork is inspired by her travels and life experiences, and she strives to capture emotions and inspire others with her work. Her work has been previously exhibited in various galleries and museums, such as the Rosenberg Gallery and the Baltimore Museum of Art. Anna also frequently works under the pseudonym Vacantia, and more of her art can be found at

Now, I’m sure you want a copy, so click here and buy one.

But saw you love Bop Dead City so much that you want to make sure you get every issue. For the first time, you can order a 1 year subscription here. It’s $12, meaning you get it a free issue or free shipping (depends on you want to see it). It’s a great way to support the mag throughout the year, and if I think of anything else cool, subscribers will get it first.

Thanks in advance to everyone for buying a copy!

Issue 14’s lineup…

The winners of Issue 14’s Belief Contest are:

Barbara Ruth‘s poem “Want You to Know,” a beautiful, short, simply poem that moved my insides like sunshine jelly, and…

Richard Manly Heiman‘s story “Ascending Descent,” which blew my mind with its lush descriptive language and, frankly, its rather out there premise.

Congratulations to the two of you! Like all our winners, they’ll be receiving twenty bucks and everlasting fame and adoration.

Now, for the rest of our crew:

Rachel Nix, previous contest winner here at Bop Dead City and big wheel at the cahoodaloodaling factory (as well as Pankhearst), lends us her poem “Believer,” a close runner-up for the contest. Horseshoes and hand grenades and all that though, unfortunately. It’s a killer, though, and I’m glad there are people like Rachel who both support the literary community and contribute to it (and do a fine job of both).

Speaking of previous authors, Nancy Hightower has written an excellent story for us, “However You Spin the Grin.” We published her poem “The Forgetting” last year in Issue 7, which made it into her book The Acolyte which I got super proud of, even though I literally did nothing to contribute to her success.

Newcomer-wise, we’ve got Chris Stewart‘s poem “She Gambols Red Freckles,” Sara Trattner‘s “Moon,” Les Bernstein (a persistent one) and her poem “Advice from Mother on Your One Less Day,” Olivia Olsen’s “When You’re Born, Child,” Sara Dobie Bauer‘s story “Ghosts of Ice Cream,” and finally Richard Manly Heiman (this guy again?) and his poem “Between foxtrot and tango.”

Tomorrow we’ll have the issue available to purchase, along with the bangin’ new cover art. Congratulations and thank you to all of you beautiful people!

If it wasn’t obvious…

we’re closed to submissions until February 1. I want to give a big thanks to everyone who submitted their work. I don’t know for sure whether this was the most submissions we’ve received, but it sure as hell felt like it. The likely size of the issue backs this up. And we even had art submissions! Like more than one!

Something less obvious (and certainly surprising to anyone who knows me or the mag) is that I’ve already started to put the issue together. Like, it might even be ready to purchase on Friday. I’ll announce the winners of the contest, along with a picture of the cover art.

— Kevin