Monthly Archives: February 2016

Nancy Hightower’s gonna win an award!

The Science Fiction Poetry Association has nominated Nancy Hightower’s The Acolyte for an Elgin Award for best full-length book! A poem from The Acolyte, “The Forgetting (Bathsheba’s Lament),”  appeared in Issue 7 of Bop Dead City, and of course her story “However You Spin the Grin” appears in Issue 14.

To purchase your copy of the future award-winning book, click here. And to see her book and all the others, head over to the SFPA website.

Issue 15’s open for business

A day late and usually a dollar short, that’s me. So, while this is the official announcement of the new submission periods, lots of you have already sent your work in (which is awesome!) and if you haven’t, do.

The contest theme this go-around is dreams. As always I’m excited to see what you kids do with the theme. Go nuts, please. Also as always, best poem gets $20, best story gets $20 unless there’s no best poem or story, and then the sole winner gets $40.

Good luck to all!