All You Need to Know About Issue 16

First, click here to get your very own copy of Issue 16.

$3 and a buck to ship, as always. You could save yourself a bit of cash and buy a subscription, however…


Next, please let me introduce our contributing authors:


Reed Redmond — “Dorian Orange”

Sarah Frances Moran — “El Barril (The Barrel)”

Allison Thorpe — “Rosalind Franklin Haunts Bed Bath and Beyond”

Natalie Homer — “Stepsisters Always Have Beautiful Names”

Eric Cline — “When The Straight Kids First Suspected We Were Different”

Ariane Sandford — “Xs For Eyes”

Ariane Sandford — this sunrise presented on a silver platter by a curly headed god, so hot and fresh you can see the steam still rising up, up into the air



E. Amato — “Like Some Tom Waits Song or Something”

Jane Hertenstein — “City of Light”

Gregory Wolos — “Tornado Baby”

Rachel Cohen — “An Old Score”


And of course, the contest winners are:

Reed Redmond — “Dorian Orange”


E. Amato — “Like Some Tom Waits Song or Something”


Congratulations to those two! As always, they’ll be getting $20 slipped into their copies. I have to admit: the flash contests are my favorite. God do I love a concise, taut piece of work.

Annnnnd last but not least, here’s the cover:




The cover photo is titled “Pistol” and the photographer, Charles Rammelkamp, is Prose Editor for BrickHouse Books in Baltimore, where he lives, and edits The Potomac, an online literary journal His photographs, poetry and fiction have appeared in many literary journals. His latest book is a collection of poems called Mata Hari: Eye of the Day (Apprentice House, Loyola University), and another poetry collection, American Zeitgeist, is forthcoming from Apprentice House later this year.


Charles adds that “The girl in the “Pistol” is Rammelkamp’s daughter Anna, who is now 28 and has a daughter of her own. The T-shirt Anna is wearing belonged to her mother when she was younger than Anna and the Sex Pistols were a thing. God save the queen….”


Phew! Thanks to everyone for their help getting this issue together.




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