Interview with Issue 17’s Nancy Iannucci

Hey y’all, hope you had a fine Thanksgiving. Back to business now as the hectic season begins. Know what makes a great Christmas gift? Issue 17 of Bop Dead City, featuring the imitable Nancy Iannucci. Here’s a lil’ interview with her:


Describe your writing in 25 words or less.

I like to take real world situations and things, open them up at the seams, peer inside, and expose the mysticism residing within.

Tell me about your poem “Traffic.”
Traffic was like a possession.  I had to write the story and it came out of me in an hour.  I was at my cousin’s baptism. As we walked into the church bright-eyed and cheery, a funeral mass was walking out at the same time. You can imagine their emotions were quite the opposite.

Who or what inspires you to write?

A. Music—I listen to all kinds of music. Music has been my fascination since birth- the melodies – the lyrics.  As a little girl, I obsessively read lyrics on album covers before I gravitated to books. I’m pretty sure I will be a musician in my next life.

B. The magic of the natural world & the world of fable and magic.

C. Reading— other poets, known and unknown. If I could possess the magic of two writers it would be Emily Dickinson and Jack Kerouac.

 What are you working on now?

In between the moments of welcomed disruptive inspiration that forces a poet to STOP EVERYTHING, sit-down, and write, I am working on my first chapbook. I love the theme, which I will keep to myself for now.

 Is there a website/blog where we can keep up with your work?

No, not sure if I actually want to start one up.

 Any advice for your fellow writers?

Don’t let creative writing courses, harsh critique, and rejections take away your voice, your unique writing style.  Keep reading and keep writing.  Write down your thought fits.  I have a large collection of three-liner thought fits.  I just created a full-length poem out of a few of them.  You never know…

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