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Buy Issue 20 (and read it too)!

So close to the deadline, per usual, but please come buy Issue 20 of Bop Dead City! You can click the link or go to our buy page.

The contents:
Elspeth Jensen—Leave Myself
K.D. Rose — My Life Become a Kafka Mirror of Cockroach Moments
Daryl Sznyter — 3 Boys in Front of Me at a Wonder Woman Screening
Rachael Hershon — Mill
Grace Day — Whiskey Water
Daryl Sznyter — Small-Town Famous
Laura Hoffman — An American Prom Night
Jane-Rebecca Cannarella — Eraserhead Pizza
Ryan Shoemaker — High Times in Zion

And here’s the cover:

The author is a young and up-and-comer named…me Got tired of digging and digging for cover art every three months and decided to just make some. It’s called
“Dealing” and it’s an analog collage. Hope you don’t hate it!

As for the contest. Nobody won! I’m going to stop doing themed contests; I get a lot of submissions that way, but many of them aren’t what we’re looking for. I blame myself for shitty themes. So, for this issue, I’m splitting up the $40 in prize money to everyone, so all the contributors will be receiving a crisp (or wrinkled) five dollar bill in their issue. (Or five ones). (Probably not coins though).

Next issue, I’ll have to decide how to do the contest. Maybe best poem and best story in general? Maybe just keep cutting $5 checks? If you’ve got an opinion, don’t hesitate to reply here.

New issue opens on Tuesday! See you then!