Monthly Archives: August 2017

Issue 20’s submission period is open and everyone gets paid!

First, please go on and send your poems and stories and photos to bopdeadcity at gmail dot com. Just follow the submission guidelines we’ve got listed and you’re good to go. We’ll keep reading and replying until October 1.

Now, I liked doing contests. I like writers getting paid for their work. But lately it’s been harder and harder to find submissions that fit what we do, are up to the standard we try to set, and fit whatever wack theme I’ve chosen for the issue.

So, instead of giving $20 to two people or $40 to one, from this issue on, everyone accepted piece gets $5. Sorry for your prose writers, but your 1000 word story gets the same amount as someone’s 50 word poem. All life is suffering.

But, this means that everyone who gets into Bop Dead City can proudly call themselves “paid writers,” though many of you have already been paid (and probably paid much, much more). Everyone’ll still get a copy as well. Plus, I don’t have to figure out a theme every issue and worry about no one winning the contest and feeling bad.


That’s all I got. I look forward to seeing what everyone sends in this go-around. Oh, and if you want to help fund the $5 awards, you can do so three dollars at a time by buying a copy of Issue 20.