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Battle “First Time” is OV-AH! … And We’ve Been Critiqued!

Or at least that’s what I think they say on the old Iron Chef. Anyway, thanks to everyone for your submissions; you can stop now, at least for another thirty days. We’ll be updating here regarding Issue 8, including authors, contest winners, cover art, and when you can buy your copy.

In the meantime, Bop Dead City’s last issue was recently reviewed on NewPages.com, a lovely site that offers a virtual newsstand of literary journals like us, reviews, and calls for submissions. Melanie Tague had many nice things to say, mostly about poems and stories themselves, which is the way it should be. Mostly she calls us humble a lot, which is true and a very beautiful way of saying “shoddily produced by an amateur.” Ruben Rodriguez and Nancy Hightower get specific shoutouts for their work. Read all about it here: http://www.newpages.com/literary-magazine-reviews/2014-06-16/#Bop-Dead-City-I7-Spring-2014

Feels Like The First Time: Issue 8’s Contest

The struggle to come up with a theme for the contest every issue is nearly as prolific as the quarterly search for cover art, but hey, I’m only a day late this time around!

For Issue 8, the theme for the contest is the first time. It’s a pretty loose theme — first job, first house, first kiss, first break-up, and of course, the sex.

Prizes: $20 to the winner of the flash fiction category, $20 to the winner of the poetry category, and publication for both.

Rules: Just make sure it relates, at least to you, to the idea of the first time for someone or something. Plus, do everything that the usual submission guidelines say. Everything submitted until July 1 that follows these guidelines will be considered for the contest. And of course, even if it’s not the winner, we’ll still consider it for publication as usual.


Issue 7 is now available to purchase!

You can buy a copy by clicking on the Buy tab above and following the easy, easy instructions, or just click here. Contributors, be on the lookout for your free copy, and feel free to buy one for everyone you know.


Also, since I’m such a slackass, the next submission period starts tomorrow. Jesus. Anyway, while that’s going on we’ll also have interviews from the writers for Issue 7. Thanks for your patience, and good luck!