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Battle “First Time” is OV-AH! … And We’ve Been Critiqued!

Or at least that’s what I think they say on the old Iron Chef. Anyway, thanks to everyone for your submissions; you can stop now, at least for another thirty days. We’ll be updating here regarding Issue 8, including authors, contest winners, cover art, and when you can buy your copy.

In the meantime, Bop Dead City’s last issue was recently reviewed on NewPages.com, a lovely site that offers a virtual newsstand of literary journals like us, reviews, and calls for submissions. Melanie Tague had many nice things to say, mostly about poems and stories themselves, which is the way it should be. Mostly she calls us humble a lot, which is true and a very beautiful way of saying “shoddily produced by an amateur.” Ruben Rodriguez and Nancy Hightower get specific shoutouts for their work. Read all about it here: http://www.newpages.com/literary-magazine-reviews/2014-06-16/#Bop-Dead-City-I7-Spring-2014

Issue 7 Update and Contest Winners

Did I say later that week? I meant in three weeks. Whoops.

Anyway, the winners of our flash fiction and poetry contest are Sarah Ann Winn for her poem “Sargasso Sea” and Ruben Rodriguez for his story “Inheritance.” Thanks again to everyone who submit their stories and poems; we’ll be giving you another shot in five days when the submission period for Issue 8 opens up!

And while they didn’t win the contest, we’re excited and, frankly, undeserving to have Rhiannon Thorne, Nancy Hightower, and  Marie Nunalee’s poetry, along with a short story from Tom Weller.

The new issue will be out at the end of the month, so check back here to buy one then.

(thanks for your patience)

Submissions Are Closed!

The submission period for Issue 2 is now behind us, and we’ll be going into semi-hibernation in order to bring the issue into the world. Please hold your new submissions until February 1, when we’ll open up for the Spring 2013 issue. I’ll be in touch between now and then with updates. Also, the last few interviews from the last issue will trickle in as well.

Thank you to everyone who submitted something during this period; reading what everyone sends in is pretty much why I started Bop Dead City in the first place.